Thursday, August 23, 2012

Google Fiber Update: 21 green Fiberhoods; 12 more within 14 registrations


As the September 9 deadline approaches for the pre-registration process for Google Fiber in Kansas City, Kan., and Kansas City, Mo., more and more Fiberhoods are inching closer to their goals.

As of early Wednesday morning, 21 Fiberhoods in KCK have met their goals.

Meanwhile, another 12 Fiberhoods are within 14 registrations or fewer of reaching the required number of pre-registrations.

Key notes:
  • Emerson is just two more registrations away from meeting the goal. 
  • Two key KCK middle schools are within reach of the goal - Eisenhower Middle School and Central Middle School. The Central Fiberhood is just 14 more away, while Eisenhower Park is within 12 registrations. 
  • As of just after midnight Thursday, Miland Pump Station and Riverview Park are just four more away. 
  • Others within reach: County 5 (6), Quindaro (8), Silver City (9), City Park (10), Prescott (11) and Memorial Park (13). 
Meanwhile, click the image below to see all of the Fiberhoods that have made their goals. After a slow start for KCK, numbers are beginning to move.